SPA ° Vital

° Rosatsch Vital

80 minutes for CHF 140  |  After a foot ritual and a scrub for your legs your body will receive a vitalizing massage using warm herbal oil and hot stones. Finally, neck and head are massaged.


° Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes for CHF 120  |  Immerse yourself in the pleasure of a Hawaiian hot stone massage offering warmth, touch and relaxing comfort. Enjoy the Hawaiian music and massage with oil and lava stones heated up to 55°C. A great pleasure that provides soothing deep relaxation. The lava stones have a high ability to store heat because they were created in the heat. They also have natural healing powers.


° Energy Massage

60 minutes for CHF 98  |  The energy massage is the perfect combination of the neck, back, head and/or foot massages. A blend of different massage techniques - specifically geared to your needs.


° Chrystal Balance

The exceptional quality of all Chrystal products is grounded in their special manufacturing process: only raw materials from plants growing wild and collected under controlled conditions are used. They are harvested manually and processed traditionally in accordance with age-old experience while respecting natural polarities. You will feel the immediate effect of these natural products.


75 minutes for CHF 95  |  Chrystal balance offers a unique skin experience. An unforgettable honey-Himalayan-salt scrub that cleanses your skin, stimulates blood circulation and prepares the skin for the subsequent special massage. The pores open up by a gentle massage with warm herbal compresses.


Children up to 17
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