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You and your body are important to us. The dress of a body is its skin - and you wear it for a lifetime. Therefore our extensive range of products has been carefully selected for their quality.

Gertraud Gruber - the person as a whole

If the condition of the soul changes, this also changes the appearance of the body, and vice versa. If the appearance of the body changes, then this also changes the condition of the soul. (Aristotle)

Knowledge of the close connection between a person's external appearance and her inner life is as old as human thought – and in the age of wellness it is more relevant than ever.

However, if true beauty arises from inner harmony, the consonance of body, mind and soul, then true beauty care cannot stop at the surface.
It must be capable of more. The Gertraud Gruber name and brand represent that more.

The idea of practising holistic preventive health care in a pleasurable manner in a relaxed atmosphere was realised by Gertraud Gruber, the pioneer of holistic cosmetics, when she founded Europe's first beauty farm in Rottach-Egern on the Tegernsee more than 55 years ago.

The unique concept behind holistic cosmetics consists of nutrition, movement, positive thinking, first-class products and respect for the inner person – all supported by the competence and personality of the beautician.


More information see gertraud-gruber.de


Chrystal - Power of the alps

100% organic. Inspired by this rich legacy of alpine traditional medicine and the long tradition of the healing power of plants Chrystal has for many years been producing, with total commitment and great dexterity, the purest natural products, all of which have the properties to provide people with the very best skin, hair and body care for beauty, vitality and well-being.

Caring for your body is, at one and the same time, caring for your health. Therefore Chrystal exclusively uses as the basis for their products pure olive oil, beeswax, lanolin and propolis – in other words, only pure natural ingredients which in contrast to vaseline etc. have a healthy relationship with the skin, hair and body and support their various functions.

More information see chrystal.cc


Kurland by Haslauer - with power of nature

Let our exceptional spa and wellness facilities, our wide range of natural products, as well as our professional know-how convince you. It would be a pleasure for us to pass on many years of experience in therapy and wellness.


Paul Haslauer, the company’s founder, started out by selling natural Moor mud from the “Leopoldskron moss”. Together with the invention of the Soft-Pack System, this combination caused a revolution in therapeutic treatments. Today, the medium-sized company, located in Ainring near Salzburg, is divided into four business areas, which offer the company’s complete range of products: Spa & Wellness facilities and equipment, high quality natural products, as well as excellent training and consultation –  Haslauer provides everything needed in the Spa & Wellness industry.


More information see haslauer.info


Nuhrovia Sonnenhell

The plants are planted with love and respect, harvested by hand, sun matured and filled in violet glass bottles. Every product of Nuhrovia-Sonnenhell is pure nature and handmade. The extraordinary philosophy and love of the company is evident in their special oils and products.

VIVALU Massage Candle

A very special, natural care for your body. The VIVALU Massage Candle hydrates, nourishes and perfumes your skin with the best vegetable butters. In our SPA ° Montana you can experience this highlight of care while the "Burro di Karite" as a back or wholebody massage.

The VIVALU Massage Candles are certified and dermatologically tested.

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